Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper

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Landscaping by a Professional: Yay or Nay?

The main reason people hesitate to take advantage of a professional’s service is the budget. One of the most obvious reasons to hire a North Texas pro is their skill level and expertise. They can draw upon years of work in similar situations and show you before and after shots of previous projects. They should also be able to quickly assess worst-case scenarios that may help you make better decisions. Additionally, if your project requires special tools or equipment, your professional will have access to them, as well as have the employees who are trained to use them.

Types of Plants You’re Using

A professional landscaper will be well-versed in the multitude of annuals, perennials, shrubbery, and trees that are appropriate for your yard, water usage, soil quality, and lifestyle. If you want a drought-tolerant yard like the one pictured above, a professional can create a landscape that suits that need. Very often a homeowner wants to remove existing plants and trees during the renovation. A professional can advise you about potential run-off or erosion issues and offer appropriate solutions.

Your Plan, Design, and Permitting

If you are a beginner, then it is always good to seek the help of a professional who can guide you properly. They will detail out the different designs and layouts that suit your taste and budget. They can also help you get the best materials and services available. A professional landscaper can advise you regarding the types of permits required as well as file the permit on your behalf.

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring Required

Proper outdoor lighting is needed to enjoy late-night parties or a swim in the pool after sunset. A qualified pro will assess your property and suggest lighting possibilities and their advantages. You will be able to choose the theme of your home, discuss new technologies or “green” options, and determine what might be the best value for your budget.

Water Features Can Be Complex

Adding a small pond or water fountain may be a good DIY project for those who are handy and want a hands-on project, but installing a large water feature, waterfall, or pond may be more complicated of a project than most homeowners want to take on. Landscapers or water feature designers do much of their work underground, ensuring that the pipes are well-insulated, leak-free, and will drain properly for future maintenance.

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