Lawn Care & Landscaping in Haslet TX

Giving Back to Our Community

All great businesses know that the key to success is great customers. We have proudly been serving the needs of those in the DFW area for over a decade, and we owe it to this community to give something back. We see ourselves as your neighbor, and as such it is our duty to provide services to our community.

Lawn Mowing for Those in Need

We understand with the economy that many have fallen on hard times. We believe in helping those that cannot help themselves. For those who cannot afford to pay for lawn mowing service, or those who simply cannot perform the task any longer, we offer free lawn mowing service. Whether it be a widow, widower, the elderly or simply someone who has fallen on rough times, we will extend our services to them. This is decided on a case to case basis, so if you know anyone who could benefit from this service, give us a call today.

Nature Gardens for Local Schools

Due to recent budget cuts, schools have been forced to cancel projects such as building nature gardens for students to enjoy. Nature gardens are an excellent addition to any school, teaching them about plants and other life as well as giving the students a peaceful place to grow and heal. With the help of generous donations from the community, we will be coordinatig and installing nature gardens in schools all around the DFW Metroplex.

If you would would like to donate or learn more about our community programs, contact Lawn Connections at 817-769-6930.